Fequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Do you have any food allergen information?

A:  Yes, all brittles are produced in a facility that has nuts, gluten, and soy (although gluten and soy are not used in our brittles).

Q:  Do you have tri-fold brochure that we can print?

A:  Yes, you can click HERE to view and/or print our tri-fold brochure.

Q:  How can I place an order?

A:  Ordering is easy! Simply go to our secure on-line store, place your order, and wait for your brittle to arrive!  Orders will be taken only on-line via our store‚Äôs ordering site.  After paid orders are received, then brittle will be produced within 7 days and shipped to you.

Q:  Do you offer eGift Cards?

A:  Yes, you can add an e-Gift Card to your order today by going HERE.  eGift Cards never expire nor do they have any fees.

Q:  Do you ship brittle outside of Ohio?

A:  No, our Ohio Cottage Food Production License currently restricts shipping our products outside of Ohio.  Per our cottage food license, only orders shipping to Ohio addresses (or local pickup orders) will be accepted and all others will be cancelled and refunded.  Paid orders must be received at least 7 days before they are needed in order to produce and prepare them for packaging.

Q:  Why are your brittle prices different?

A:  Brittle costs vary based upon the cost of the nuts and other specialty ingredients and the size of the package being purchased.  Unlike a large production facility who can order large quantities of ingredients at large discounts and then normalize their costs across all of the products that they sell, we cannot and instead make every batch with fresh ingredients and then package them ourselves.  You get a quality homemade product when you order from us that your tastebuds will certainly enjoy and appreciate.

Q:  Are you considered a small business?

A:  Absolutely!  We appreciate that you shop locally with us when you have so many choices, because it not only helps us, but it also helps the community when you shop local small businesses.

Q:  Can I chose to pick up my order and save on shipping?

A:  In order to chose local pickup of your order, on the first screen of your on-line cart, you must click on "Shipping" and chose "Pickup" instead for each and every item in your cart individually.  Doing this will remove all shipping charges from your order and ask you to chose a pickup date and time.

Q:  Why are the shipping charges so expensive?

A:  If you chose to have us ship your order and your shipping charges are over 25 percent more than we are are actually charged by USPS for shipping your order, your credit card will be refunded the difference within 7 business days of shipping.  We do our best to calculate the shipping costs, which is why we use USPS Flat Rate Shipping Boxes with shipment tracking and package insurance.

Q:  Can I sign up for your mailing list?

A:  Yes, you can sign up for our mailing list by clicking HERE.